Real-Time/Ortek - Data Collection

Robinson Research owns both an Ortek and a Turning Point data gathering system, a real-time, electronic survey system that uses hand-held key pads. Using our wireless Turning Point system allows collection of data from a group up to 24 people. Using our wired Ortek system we can collect data from up to 200 people. Data can be instantaneously turned into a graph of the group's responses and simultaneously overlaid onto the video source image. The client has the option of instantly showing a graph of the responses to each question to the entire audience, or can discretely observe responses on a monitor without sharing them with the group. Turnaround time for hard-copy analysis of Ortek data is 72 hours, with printed graphs available in less than 24 hours.

During an Ortek session, both qualitative and quantitative data can be gathered by interspersing free-flowing discussion with entry of responses using the key pads. Instant tabulation of entered responses allows the moderator to discuss the group's responses, to probe specific topics, to clarify responses, and to add questions to the program that arise throughout the course of the session while the group is still in attendance.

This methodology is very effective for gathering data from the general public and for sensitive employee surveys. All participants have their own keypads and are able to privately and confidentially register their honest opinions.

Typically, for a rental, Robinson Research provides two Ortek technicians and necessary crew for setup, computer programming, and operation of the system. When programming the data, we request that the initial questionnaire be finalized at least three days prior to the group. We can add special questions on the fly during the session, but we prefer to start with a predetermined and well-tested basic set of questions.

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