Online Surveys/Panels - Data Collection

Robinson Research has developed our own proprietary online interviewing software. We have the ability to use our extensive knowledge of HTML, PHP, and SQL to customize the software as needed. This software has the same abilities and more than the software used by other market research companies.

We have the ability to brand the website with the client's logos and colors if desired.

Our CAWI software records the amount of time a respondent takes to complete the survey, allowing us to discard surveys when the respondent has taken two minutes to answer forty questions.

We can upload a database of names and email addresses (for customer and employee surveys and send out personalized email invitations. Reminder emails will be sent automatically after a set amount of time. Email addresses are kept in a separate database from the survey results and it is not possible to cross-reference the two, meaning that respondents can share their candid opinions while remaining completely anonymous.

We would be pleased to provide a real-world example of our online survey software capabilities.

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