Mock Trial

Robinson Research conducts mock trials, occasionally referred to as a mock jury, in Spokane, Yakima, Pasco, Richland, Wenatchee, Eastern Washington, Central Washington, North Idaho, and Montana.

A mock trial is a simulated trial. The two most common reasons for conducting a mock trial are to test arguments and evidence or to determine the likelihood that a jury would award damages, and the amount, in a civil case.

Recruiting for a mock trial is very similar to recruiting for a focus group. We take steps to ensure that the respondents we recruit are people that are qualified for jury service and are likely jurors. Typically, mock trials are conducted in pairs. Two juries hear arguments and then deliberate separately.

While it is common that the client will argue the case to the juries, Bill Robinson is a skilled moderator with over thirty years of experience and often takes the lead in describing the case to the jury.

We have a spacious focus group facility in Spokane, Washington. In other cities, we will either rent conference rooms at a hotel or from a local facility provider.

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