Executive In-depth Interviews

Executive interviews, or in-depth interviews, are generally conducted by someone with years of experience. They might be conducted in-person, over the phone, at a focus group facility, or at the respondents' place of business or home. This type of methodology is a blend of quantitative and qualitative. The sample size is generally small, compared to a traditional phone survey. This methodology is most often used when the targeted respondent is not your "average Joe"; instead, the typical respondent is generally a community leader, CEO, politician, dean, or similar high-ranking individual.

An experienced interviewer is able to probe effectively, relate to the respondent, and know when it is appropriate to go off questionnaire when a promising topic is raised.

Since 1979, Mr. Robinson has moderated and conducted more than 1,000 focus groups and executive one-on-one interviews across the country.

Mr. Robinson has interviewed politicians, physicians, elected officials, industry leaders, educators, attorneys, architects, hospital administrators, CEOs, non-profit directors, community leaders, and teachers.

We have the audio/visual equipment to record the interviews in any format desired.

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