Robinson Research

Robinson Research is a full-service market research company. Since founding in 1979, we have conducted over two thousand individual proprietary studies. Our emphasis on providing high quality data has been the foundation upon which our reputation has been built. While most market research companies discreetly subcontract portions of studies, we perform all phases in-house, under the direct scrutiny of the project manager.

Robinson Research strives to provide the best value for genuine, in-house, closely scrutinized, fully monitored data collection, using the highest standards of supervisor-to-interviewer ratios, discarding of surveys with inadequate data, and accurate sampling.

We conduct studies throughout the world. We have conducted surveys in all English-speaking countries, most of Europe, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya. Our personnel routinely travel for in-person studies and hosting focus groups throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. We have extensive over-the-road audio/video/uplink capabilities for focus groups in less populated areas of the Western United States.

Some research companies have either minimal or nonexistent internal data collection operations. While the client assumes that all phases of the project are being conducted under the direct scrutiny of the project manager, the crucial data collection phase has been sublet, usually to the lowest bidder in a national or offshore telemarketing/data collection facility.

Facilities that blend market research and telemarketing services typically have employees of lower skill levels, using telemarketing predictive dialers.

We are not a subsidiary of any media or advertising organization, which ensures we have no inherent conflicts of interest or bias. Along with our non-biased approach to market research, our independence from any affiliation allows us the freedom to conduct impartial research without sacrificing quality.

We have the in-house resources to assure absolute quality control. We follow protocols equal to or more stringent than many industry accepted standards. To date, the caliber of our data has consistently withstood even the most intense levels of scrutiny, whether it be from our client, those opposing our clients in litigation, or other industry professionals. Never, in the history of our company, has the quality of our data been demonstrated to be significantly flawed.

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